Jellycat Toys

🌟Welcome to Jellycat, where original and innovative soft toys have been crafted in London since 1999. They blend luxurious fabrics with quirky and cute designs that set their toys apart from the crowd. The name Jellycat was born from a child's imagination, envisioning the whimsy of jellies and cats combined.🐈

From their humble beginnings with a small and unique range in 1999, they soon established themselves as soft toy creators with a difference. Working with talented designers in London and across the country, they continuously create thousands of wonderfully innovative soft toys. Their design history is filled with delightful imaginings that will surely make you giggle.❤️

They experiment ceaselessly, seeking the perfect combination of soft squidginess and quirkiness. New collections are launched twice a year, so keep an eye out for their lovable and quirky critters wherever you go!🌟

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