The Legend Of Sally Jones - Jakob Wegelius

Usborne Books


🦍🌟 Prepare to be captivated by the poignant tale of Sally, the baby gorilla born on a stormy night in the heart of the African rainforest. The elders of the gorilla clan prophesy that because the moon and stars are shrouded in darkness on her birth night, Sally's life will be marked by misfortune. 🌌🦍

Tragically, this prophecy appears to be realized when Sally is cruelly abducted by hunters and sold into the hands of strangers. It's only when the kind-hearted Frau Schultz takes Sally under her wing, raising her in a grand villa in Istanbul, that Sally's life takes an unexpected turn. Under Frau Schultz's guidance, Sally learns to solve intricate puzzles, even mastering the art of unlocking safe boxes. 🔐

However, fate takes a dark twist when Frau Schultz tasks Sally with a dangerous burglary, involving the theft of rare jewels.💎 Sally takes the blame for the crime, enduring unjust consequences for her loyalty.

A heart-wrenching journey awaits Sally, from the confines of a zoo to the captivity of a traveling circus. It's within this tumultuous backdrop that she encounters Chief Koskela, who becomes her mentor. Under his tutelage, Sally acquires valuable skills in the engine room of a boat. Yet, as she yearns for a return to her jungle roots, Sally discovers that the jungle has changed, and her true place may now be beside Chief Koskela.

In Jakob Wegelius' graphic novel prequel to "The Murderer's Ape," he tenderly unveils Sally Jones' origin story, brimming with compassion and heart. The full-colour artwork captures the magic and enchantment of the original novel.🦍🚢

Prepare to be moved by this evocative narrative, and the remarkable journey of Sally Jones. 🌟🌍

Hardback 108 pages.

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